Arabic henna tattoo designs

Color your body parts with the fabulous art of henna tattoo. Henna also is known as (Henna) tattoo is a traditional Middle Eastern art used to adorn the body at weddings and other special celebrations. Today, readers from around the world can join Henna beauty and fun with this simple book of drawings and body instructions and even objects for interior design! Inside, readers will find a variety of original henna tattoo designs that can be applied to the hands, feet, belly, and back. Readers interested in creating their own drawings can follow simple instructions on the 5 basic forms of henna and learn to combine them in different ways to create exotic designs of Henna. But why stop here? Henna which is known as ( henna ) is a versatile art that can also be applied to wood things, leather, and other surfaces. Follow the author as she demonstrates how she creates unique creations for a wooden box, a leather case, a magnet, a tea box, etc. Full of beautiful pictures of the henna tattoo

Henna, also known as a mehndi tattoo, is an ancient form of ceremonial decoration of the body. Originally used during weddings and other special occasions, nearly intricate designs can add exotic elements to print design and serve as inspiration for permanent and temporary tattoos.

Arabic Henna Tattoo Features

  1. Arab Henna is a free Natural Powder, and most tattoo designs contain patterns of leaves, vines, birds, and flowers. While Indian Henna (Mehndi) covers the entire hand, the Arabic Mehndi is less complex. It usually concentrates on the palm, unlike the Indian Mandy flowing through the wrists.
  2. Arabic henna tattoo shows scattered patterns, which makes the design more spaced compared to other. Arab Henna designs also include vines and points that are nothing more than hypnosis.
  3. Painless: No pain while designing on your body, you can easily on any part of your body.
  4. No side effect: Its a natural Powder, Of course, no side effect occurs. you can put anywhere on your body.
  5. Easy removable:  This is the best feature about the henna tattoo, you can remove easily any time when you want.
  6. Cheapest: This way of tattoo designing is cheapest than other, Obviously Money can be saved by this method

Henna Tattoo designs images gallery

Arabic henna tattoo

The art of henna or Mehndi was introduced several years ago in Asia, in some parts of the Middle East. interesting, Henna came in use initially because of its natural cooling properties and was basically used by people living in deserts to cool down their bodies. But the entire process of applying Henna has always been a task since it came into being and that’s the reason why modern variations of Henna became so popular with time. Another reason for the popularity of Arabic Henna designs is the fact that they are not tough to replicate on hands, thanks to the simplicity of designs.

Arabic henna tattoos patterns are complex and do not cover as much skin as the Indian Henna. This is Henna favorite tattoos designs, it consists of simple lines, flowers, dots, filled patterns, and leaves. You can draw on your creativity. This type of Henna consumes less Henna and takes less time. Non-professionals can also easily use this Arabic tattoos designs for the temporary time.