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I have deliberately outdone myself in the styles and trends of electronic music. It really does not make sense to follow such a dynamic phenomenon. There is so much variety that it is very difficult to define and classify all styles. Classification becomes a boring process of grouping authors who copy their work. In most cases, it is impossible to say who is the true creator of a particular style of music.

First of all: what is techno music? Mostly peoples think that techno music is a dance music, especially in Italy. But if dance music is often techno music, the opposite is not quite true. For Techno, we hear a genre of music as wide as pop or rock music And Peoples also want techno wallpapers for desktop and mobile backgrounds. For Techno, we hear the old-fashioned Techno, Trance, Hard Trance, Acid Trance, Goa Trance, Psychedelic Trance, Hardcore, Speedcore, House, Jungle, drum N bass, Underground, Rave, Progressive Mediterranean, Dream, etc.

We now have this dynamic pulp of inter-influenced electronic music, both in commercial production and in the bedroom. Electronic music includes a wide range of styles, areas, and types of media. We hear it on television, on video, in the cinema, on computer games, on mobile telephony. we hear the influence of electronic music in our daily lives. It’s weird. The music we found intolerable and unacceptable to others, this music so special to us now turns to every corner and is served by people who do not appreciate it or understand it.

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Could techno change completely?

I do not think so There will always be a very special group of people who are enthusiastic about the fact that machines can produce sounds – people who see the potential, people who know the past and live for the future. Techno is the music of visionaries and technology enthusiasts. Techno music may simply be the first step that will help humanity to safely enter the era of technology – without fear and without a doubt. As a celebration of human success and our beautiful, curious intellect, techno exists among those who understand and appreciate it. There are people who hear the music of progress and evolution, even in the small, simple things around us.

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